Medical Services

Internal Medicine

Phage therapy is one of the major services which we offer. Our therapists works closely with patients to thoroughly assess their condition and achieve the best health possible. Our…

Ear, Nose and Throat

The need for an alternative treatment for antibiotic resistance has sparked a renewed interested in bacteriophage therapy. Bacteriophage is a safe, effective and well-tried alternative…


Children are also effected by the antibiotic crisis. Phage therapy offers a viable alternative for pediatric infections, nosocomial infections and chronic disease.

Urology and Gynecology

Phage preparations can be used in any age group and in high risk patients, and can be easily combined with other medicines to treat chronic and resistant infections.


We are dedicated to working with patients with chronic wounds, diabetes complications or infected prostheses. In our experience, phage therapy has had a positive effect in these kind…


The effect of phage therapy on dermatological problems is visually evident. Phage therapy is especially effective in treating conditions which refractory to standard care.

Massage and Physiotherapy

The combination of phage therapy and massage therapy contributes to the overall wellness we seek for our patients. Our massage therapists are experienced and individualize…

Laboratory and Diagnostics

All of our analyses are performed in collaboration with the scientists of the Eliava Institute. Bacteriological analysis and phage sensitivity testing are high quality.

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